Refund of Fees

(College Policy: 6HX28:06-08.1 Student Fees and Refunds)

It is your responsibility to ensure all your courses are dropped by the Drop/Refund Deadline listed in the Important Dates and Deadlines calendar. If you drop a course(s) by the Drop/Refund Deadline, all tuition and refundable fees will be refunded. (Application and certain other fees are not refundable.) These refunds are processed by the Business Office approximately 15 business days after the Drop/Refund Deadline and weekly thereafter.

If you withdraw from a course(s) after the Drop/Refund Deadline, you may receive a full refund if you have a death in your immediate family or have been called to active military duty. (Enlistment into the military is not considered "active duty.")  In each instance, you must submit a refund request. The Refund Request/Waiver of Debt Form is available online on the Admissions & Records Forms page, or in Atlas on the Student tab under Student Forms.  Complete the request, attach supporting documentation, and upload and submit the entire packet through your Atlas account no later than the last day of classes for the term during which the course(s) occurs. The course(s) will remain in your official academic record but will be reflected as an administrative refund (AR) on your transcript.

All refunds for fees are processed as follows:

If your fees were paid by a third-party agency, that agency will receive the refund to the extent of its payment to your account.

For any remaining credit, the balance will be electronically deposited to your bank account in accordance with your selected refund preference.  Activation of your electronic refund preference will ensure timely receipt of any refunds due to you at Valencia.  If you do not chose a refund preference, a paper check will be issued to the address currently on file in Atlas.  Please contact the if you need additional information.

If you are a financial aid recipient, your potential refund will be subject to applicable federal and state guidelines and laws. See the Repayment of Unearned Federal Financial Aid entry. If a debt is owed to Valencia (parking fine, returned check, etc.), the college reserves the right to apply any amounts due against any refund payable to the student account.