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FIRE SCIENCE FUNDAMENTALS This course will provide an overview to fire protection. The history of fire protection, the fire problem and how organizations are structured to deal with the fire problem, will be studied. The variety of fire technologies, fire science and fire prevention programs that address fire and life safety will be explored. Building design and construction relating to fire protection and fire safety will be reviewed as well as preventing and controlling fire loss. The student will also research the many private and governmental organizations that have an impact on fire protection and life safety. Career opportunities, and educational and training programs, related to fire protection will be examined. Since the course is an introductory course, the student will explore the many educational, financial and personal resources and support systems that are available at the college to help with academic and personal success

Fire Science Technology

...FFP 2120, FFP 2720, FFP 2740, and ARH 1000, HUM1020, LIT 1000, ARH 2051...

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...Requires FFP 1000 FIRE SCIENCE FUNDAMENTALS Fire Science Technology (A.S.) - Requires FFP 1000 FIRE...