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FSSĀ 2056C PASTRY TECHNIQUES 3 Credits 5 lab hours

PASTRY TECHNIQUES Prerequisite: FSS 1052C/FSS 1052 This course introduces non-yeast, laminated doughs and the preparation of pastry products using a variety of methods: lamination, blending, creaming, foaming, and thickening. Students will combine these methods into new products to create savory items and frozen desserts and will use basic finishing methods by applying glazes, filling pastries, creating simple sauces, and presenting products for service. The course will also cover the fundamentals of heat transfer as applied to pastries by preparing creams, custards, souffles, butter creams, meringues, and flavored whipped creams. Additionally, students will create, taste, and test products and complete a research assignment. (Special Fee: $155.00)