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RTEĀ 4941L PRACTICUM 3 Credits 16 lab hours

PRACTICUM Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C in specified concentration coursework, as follows: Mammography concentration - RTE 3588 and RTE 4474 and either RTE 3116 or current professional employment and department approval. Quality Management concentration - RTE 4474. For Mammography, the practicum course must have begun within 12 months of completion of RTE 3588. For QM, the practicum course must be taken within 12 months of completion of RTE 4474. Practical application in a clinical setting of knowledge acquired in the classroom. May not be repeated. Minimum grade of C required if used to satisfy Radiologic and Imaging Sciences B.S. degree requirement. (Special Fee: $18.00)


...certification OR complete RTE 3116 Advanced Patient Care prior to taking RTE 4941L Practicum Following...