Global Studies

Working Theory

Global Studies track is designed to create open-minded students who seek to understand how their actions affect both local and global communities.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the requirements of the Global Studies track will be able to:

  • Articulate their values and how they fit into a global society
  • Demonstrate an advocacy for change
  • Explore multiple perspectives on an issue that impacts a global world
  • Demonstrate an understanding to the ways in which people differ, including innate characteristics 
  • Demonstrate an understanding  of how past events shape current realities
  • Articulate a breadth of knowledge about nations and regions around the world, such as their geographies, languages, religions, currencies, and cultures 
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively and appropriately in intercultural situations based on one’s intercultural knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Demonstrate  collaboration using a “win-win” approach that benefits all, within and across perceived or actual cultural barriers

Curricular Outline

Foundation Courses
or ENC 1101H Freshman Comp I Honors
HUM 1020HIntro to Humanities - Honors ~3
Math See Gen. Ed. Core Requirements +*~3
SPC 1017HInterpersonal Comm - Honors ~3
Intermediate Courses
ENC 1102HFreshman Comp II-Honors +*~ (GR)3
ANT 2000HIntroductory Anthropology Hon ~^3
SLS 2940HService Learning-Honors1
INR 2002HInternational Politics Honors +*~ (GR)3
Science See Gen. Ed. Core Requirements +*~3
Advanced Courses
Math See Gen. Ed. Core or Institutional Requirements +*~3
Science See Gen. Ed. Core or Institutional Requirements +*~3
Total Credit Hours60

 This course must be completed with a grade of C or better.


 This course has a prerequisite; check description in Valencia catalog.


 This is a general education course.


 Denotes a Gordon Rule course.

Note:^Students planning to pursue a B.A. in International and Global Studies at UCF should substitute ECO 2013 or ECO 2013H for ANT 2000H.  If a student selects non-honors ECO 2013, he/she must meet the Honors credit hour requirement by taking at least one additional honors course within their remaining degree requirements.  Students pursuing this degree option must also take ECO 2023 and POS 2041 within their elective hours.

Co-curricular Component

Students will be required to participate in a minimum of three approved co-curricular activities each term of enrollment (excluding summer). This may include service learning, short-term study abroad, mentoring, cultural field trips, civic projects, reading groups, service to the Honors College, etc.