Pre-Majors at Valencia

Valencia offers twenty-two pre-majors: Architecture, Art/Studio/Fine Art, Biomedical Sciences, Business Administration, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Dance Performance, Early Childhood Education, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Elementary Education, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Health Sciences, Information Technology, Logistics Management, Music Performance, Musical Theatre, Physical Education, Psychology, Secondary Education, Sign Language Interpretation, and Theatre/Drama/Dramatic Arts. Each pre-major includes the courses to satisfy Valencia’s general education requirements for the A.A. degree, the Statewide Common Course Prerequisites for the specific upper division major, and the requirements needed to transfer to the University of Central Florida, and/or another state institution.

Students who plan to transfer to a restricted access or limited-access program are responsible for completing the specific requirements of the institution to which they will transfer, as completion of a pre-major does not guarantee admission to an upper division program if that university program has restricted access or limited-access status. In general, restricted access means there are admission requirements in addition to the A.A. degree and, if those requirements are met, the student will qualify for admission to the upper division program.

Limited-access means there are requirements in addition to the A.A. degree and, even though these additional requirements are met, the student might not be admitted to the university program because admission is a selective process conducted by the university. The additional requirements might include the completion of certain courses; a minimum grade point average; minimum test scores; interviews; auditions and/or portfolios. It is the student’s responsibility to learn if a particular university major is designated limited-access or restricted access at the specific university to which the student wants to transfer.

A.A. degree-seeking students must satisfy entry testing requirements and satisfactorily complete all mandatory courses in reading, student success, mathematics, English and English for Academic Purposes in which the student is placed and must satisfy Valencia’s foreign language proficiency requirement.

Valencia offers the following pre-majors: