2022-23 Catalog

Undergraduate Research Track

Undergraduate research track is designed to create students who are familiar with the process, practice, and principles of scholarly inquiry in an academic community.

Program Outcomes

  1. Complete a discipline-specific research project.
  2. Present research in a peer-reviewed, academic setting.

Curricular Outline

To satisfy the curricular aspect of the Undergraduate Research Track, students must complete:

  1. IDH 2911- Honors Research Process (2 cr) - This honors course will introduce students to the process of research, tools, concepts, and resources necessary to search, evaluate, and use information in a variety of formats and subject disciplines. The focus will be to analyze and utilize information critically using a broad range of materials and interdisciplinary concepts needed for honors research and academic/professional success.
  2. Individual Honors Study Plan  (12-15 cr) – honors courses designed to enhance the individual student’s research plan, developed in consultation with the Honors Director and a Faculty Advisor. Approved study plans are kept on file in the Honors Office.
  3. IDH 2912- Honors Project (1 cr) – the student will complete under the guidance of a faculty advisor. The project will define and execute a research question. Guidelines will be established regarding format, standards, and review of projects.
  4. Additional Honors Coursework (6-9 cr)

Co-Curricular Component

Students will be required to participate in a minimum of three approved co-curricular activities per term of enrollment (excluding summer). This may include participation in the editing and publication of a Valencia Honors research journal, presentation of original research at local, regional, and national honors and/or discipline conferences, and/or presentation of original research at Valencia.