You should learn and understand the evaluation system used in your courses (as outlined in each course syllabus) and you should meet with your professors during the term to discuss your academic progress. The evaluation of your course work will be reflected in a final letter grade assigned by the professor at the end of each term:

Grade Rating Quality Points (per credit)
A Excellent 4
B Good 3
C Average 2
D Passing Below Average 1
F Failure 0
I* Incomplete 0
W* Withdrawal 0
WN* Withdrawal No Show 0
X^ Audit 0
AR* Administrative Refund 0
MR** Military Recall 0
M* No Grade Submitted 0

These grades do not affect GPA but will affect academic honors and do count as attempts.


 An Audit does not affect GPA or academic honors and does not count as an attempt.


 Military Recall generates a refund and does not count as an attempt. 

If you believe you have been assigned an incorrect grade, you must resolve the grade issue with your professor within two terms from the date the original grade was posted. If you choose to pursue the Academic Grievance Process relative to your final course grade, you must submit a completed grievance form within 60 days of receiving the final grade in the course.

Grades are rolled to academic history three times per year at the end of each full term. Fall grades are posted in December, Spring grades are posted in May, and Summer grades are posted in August. Dual enrollment students taking courses at their high school will have grades posted in accordance with the high school grading schedule.