Academic Grievance Process

(College Policy: 6Hx28: 8-10 Student Academic Dispute and Administrative Complaint Resolution)

Final Grades

If you feel that your final course grade is not representative of your performance according to the evaluation system defined and used by your faculty member, you have recourse through the student academic grievance process to seek a change of grade.

Here are the steps you must take in the grievance process:

  1. Meet with the faculty member to learn how the grade was determined and to examine the evidence.
  2. If your concern is not resolved, you should meet with the faculty member’s Academic Dean or other immediate supervisor.
  3. If your concern still is not resolved, you should meet with the Campus President or appropriate campus official.
  4. If your concern still is not resolved, the matter may be referred to the Student Academic Grievance Committee, composed of faculty and students. For the Student Academic Grievance Committee, these guidelines must be followed:
    1. Only final course grades may be grieved.
    2. W and I grades cannot be grieved.
    3. You must fill out an official form requesting that the Student Academic Grievance Committee review your case. The form is available in the Campus President’s Office on each campus.
    4. To request a hearing, you must file the completed grievance form in the appropriate Campus President’s Office within 60 days after receiving the final grade in the course.

Failure to follow these steps within 60 days of the final course grades being posted will result in forfeiture of your rights under this process and the grade will remain as posted.

Grievance Hearing

A hearing will be conducted by the Student Academic Grievance Committee in a prompt manner after receipt of your grievance form. The hearing will provide you an opportunity to present your position and supporting facts. You will be required to provide the Committee an advance copy of the major issues, documents to be included, and names of persons you expect to attend the hearing. The Committee is the final judge of what and who are to be included and excluded in the hearing and has the right to adjourn and reconvene at a later time if this is necessary to complete the hearing. After the hearing, the Committee will make a recommendation to the President of the college, who will notify you in writing as to the resolution of the grievance.