Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Associate in Science Degree (CIP# 1351091004)


This program is designed to prepare the student for employment as a diagnostic medical sonographer. The sonographer should be skilled by academic and clinical training to perform ultrasound examinations under the supervision of a qualified physician.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography is a dynamic medical imaging profession. It is presently being used to evaluate many soft tissue organs in the body. Some of these organs are the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and pancreas. One of the most fascinating uses of diagnostic ultrasound is the examination and evaluation of the unborn child. With the most recent technical advances in ultrasound, the sonographer is now able to evaluate flow dynamics of many blood vessels of the fetus, pediatric and adult patient.

Properly-trained sonographers are in demand in hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, marketing, applications, and mobile services.

The program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), 25400 U.S. Highway 19 North, Suite 158, Clearwater, FL 33763, Phone (727) 210-2350. Graduates are eligible to take the national certifying examinations administered by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography is a limited-access program. Admission to Valencia does not imply acceptance to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program; students must apply and be accepted to the program. General admission procedures for this program are found in the Admissions section of this catalog. The Division of Allied Health provides information about specific program admission criteria.

Estimated program expenses are given in the Financial section of this catalog.

Admission requirements that must be satisfied prior to submitting an application to the A.S. degree Program in Diagnostic Medical Sonography are:

  • Review the general admission requirements for Health Sciences programs in the Admissions section of this catalog.
  • Submit a completed Valencia Application for Admission; satisfy the requirements for degree-Seeking Status and be in Active Student Status.
  • Satisfy the college entry testing requirement and satisfactorily complete all mandatory courses in reading, New Student Experience (SLS 1122),  or Professions of Caring (HSC 1004) for students pending acceptance for a health sciences program, mathematics, English, and English for Academic Purposes in which you are placed.
  • Complete the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Prerequisite for Admission courses with a minimum grades of C.
  • Have a minimum overall college GPA of 2.5 (including transfer work).
  • Satisfy the designated entrance test requirements for Health Sciences programs.
  • Submit the completed Valencia Diagnostic Medical Sonography program application with the application fee by the deadline.

The program curriculum includes all courses that are required for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography A.S. degree. A minimum grade of C must be achieved in all courses identified in the program curriculum, including the course required for admission. The courses in the curriculum are progressive in nature, with one course building on the preceding course. Because of this progressive relationship, all courses in a term must be completed with a grade of C or better in order to continue to the next term. If a student achieves less than a C or withdraws from any course that is required for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography A.S. degree, the student will not be allowed to progress in the program.

Students are strongly encouraged to consult their campus based health sciences advisor for assistance in determining the best education plan for their career goals.

Start Right

Degree-seeking students enrolling at Valencia for the first time will have a limited range of courses from which to choose for their first 18 college-level credits. Within the first 18 college credit hours, you will be required to take ENC1101 (3 credits), and if applicable, SLS 1122 (3 credits) or HSC1004 (3 credits) for students pending acceptance to a health sciences program and a mathematics course appropriate to your selected meta-major (3 credits).  The remaining courses will be chosen from the General Education Core Courses in humanities (3 credits), science (3 credits), or social science (3 credits), and/or the introductory courses within the A.S. degree programs. For specific courses see the Foundation Courses on the “Program Requirements” tab. For course sequencing recommendations, see your Career Program Advisor or create an education plan by logging into Atlas, clicking on the LifeMap tab and clicking My Education Plan.

Potential Careers

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Salary & Earnings Information

For salary and wage information, visit: www.floridawages.com


Future Students

Contact Enrollment Services at enrollment@valenciacollege.edu or call 407-582-1507

Current Students

Active Valencia students who are pending program acceptance may meet with the pending Allied Health Program Advisor in the campus Student Services department. For Information Sessions, Admission Guides, Program Applications, and the most updated information, visit the website at: http://valenciacollege.edu/west/health/ Accepted, in-program students will meet with their assigned Career Program Advisor after confirming acceptance.

Alternative Ways to Earn Credit

If you have earned your credential as a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS), you may be eligible to receive credit toward this A.S. degree. For more information, visit: http://valenciacollege.edu/asdegrees/credit_alternative.cfm

Program Outcomes

  • Be prepared as competent entry level general sonographers in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domain.
  • Perform effective communication skills within the healthcare environment.

  •  Provide a safe environment in the healthcare setting.

  • Practice professional behaviors in a healthcare setting.

  • Execute safe clinical decision making in medical imaging.

Prerequisite for AdmissionCredit Hours
BSC 2093CHuman Anatomy and Physiology I +*~4
BSC 2094CHuman Anatomy Physiology II +*~4
PHY 1007CPhysics with Med Applications 4
MAC 1105College Algebra +*~3
PSY 2012General Psychology +~3
Humanities:: See Gen. Ed. Core or Institutional Requirement +*~3
Year I
Fall Term
HSC 1230CMethods Of Patient Care +*2
HSC 1531Medical Terminology +3
Spring Term
SON 1001CAbdominal Sonography I +*4
SON 1804LClinical Sonography I +*2
RTE 2762Sectional Anatomy +*3
Summer Term
SON 1614Acoustical Physics Instr l +*3
SON 1814LClinical Sonography II +*2
Year II
Fall Term
SON 2121Ob/Gyn Sonography I +*3
SON 2824LClinical Sonography III +*3
SON 2618Acoustical Physics Instr ll +*3
SON 2150Neurosonology/Superfcial Strct +*3
Spring Term
SON 2122Ob/Gyn Sonography II +*3
SON 2834LClinical Sonography IV +*3
SON 2619Acoustical Physics Instr lll +*2
Summer Term
SON 2882LMed Sonography Clinical Pract +*2
 Total Credit Hours: 77.0

This course must be completed with a grade of C or better.


This course has a prerequisite; check description in Valencia catalog.


 This is a general education course.


All accepted applicants are required to submit applications through Valencia for a criminal background check, fingerprinting, and drug testing. Applicants for Valencia’s Health Sciences Programs must be free of offenses that would disqualify them from a student clinical experience in a healthcare setting and must have their civil rights intact. This policy is in response to requirements by clinical agencies and state/federal regulations.

Specialized program courses are offered on the West Campus.

Upon earning the  A.S. degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, eligible applicants can continue at Valencia to complete the Bachelor’s degree in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences or a bachelor-level Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC) in Echocardiography, Leadership in Healthcare or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).  Additional education at the bachelor’s level and professional experience can enhance skills and create more career options.

Once you complete your A.S. degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, you can now continue on and get your Bachelor’s degree from Valencia in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences. With additional education at the Bachelor level and professional experience, you will enhance your skills and have more career options available.

Specialized courses may not be offered every session or on every campus.