2024-25 Catalog

West Campus

  • Campus Administration
  • Bachelor’s Degrees

        Business and Organizational Leaderhship (B.A.S. Degree)
        Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (B.S.E.C.E.T. Degree)
        Radiologic and Imaging Sciences (A.S. to B.S. Degree)

  • Associate in Arts Degree Program
  • Associate in Science Degree, Applied Technology Diploma and Certificate Programs*

        Advanced Electronics Technician (Technical Certificate)
        Building Construction Technology (A.S. Degree)
        Baking and Pastry Arts (Technical Certificate)
        Baking and Pastry Management (A.S. Degree)
        Basic Electronics Technician (Technical Certificate)
        Building Construction Specialist (Technical Certificate)
        Business Administration (A.S. to B.A./B.S. Career Path)

            Finance Specialization

            Human Resources Management Specialization

            International Business Specialization

            Management Specialization

            Marketing Specialization

            Property and Casualty Insurance Management Specialization

            Real Estate Management Specialization

            Small Business Management Specialization

        Business Management (Technical Certificate)
        Business Operations (Technical Certificate)
        Business Specialist (Technical Certificate)
        CADD Computer Aided Drafting and Design (A.S. Degree)
        Cardiovascular Technology (A.S. Degree)
        Chef’s Apprentice (Technical Certificate)
        Computed Tomography (Advanced Technical Certificate)

        Computer Aided Drafting and Design (Technical Certificate)

            Architectural Drafting Specialization

            Mechanical Drafting Specialization

            Surveying Drafting Specialization

        Computer Information Technology (A.S. Degree)
        Computer Information Technology Analyst (Technical Certificate)

            IT Security Specialization

            IT Support Specialization

        Computer Information Technology Specialist (Technical Certificate)
        Computer Programming and Analysis (A.S. Degree)
        Computer Programming (Technical Certificate)

            Computer Programming Specialization

            Web Development Specialization

        Computer Programming Specialist (Technical Certificate)

            Computer Programming Specialization

            Web Development Specialization

        Construction and Civil Engineering Technology (A.S. Degree)
        Culinary Arts Management Operations (Technical Certificate)
        Culinary Arts (Technical Certificate)
        Culinary Management (A.S. Degree)
        Customer Service Management (Technical Certificate)
        Customer Service Operations (Technical Certificate)
        Customer Service Specialist (Technical Certificate)

        Cyber Security (Technical Certificate)
        Dental Hygiene (A.S. Degree)
        Diagnostic Medical Sonography (A.S. Degree)

        Digital Forensics (Technical Certificate)

       Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (A.S. Degree)

            Career Path to Valencia B.S.E.C.T. Specialization

            Electronics Specialization

            Laser and Photonics Specialization

            Robotics and Mechatronics Specialization

        Emergency Medical Services Technology (A.S. Degree)

        Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) (Applied Technology Diploma)

        Energy Management and Controls Technology (A.S. Degree)

        Health Information Technology (A.S. Degree)

        Hospitality - Event Planning Management (Technical Certificate)

        Hospitality - Food and Beverage Management (Technical Certificate)

        Hospitality - Guest Services Specialist (Technical Certificate)

        Hospitality - Rooms Division Management (Technical Certificate)

        Hospitality and Tourism Management (A.S. to B.S. Career Path)

        Human Resources Management (Technical Certificate)

        Human Resources Operations (Technical Certificate)

        Human Resources Specialist (Technical Certificate)

        Industrial Management Technology (A.S. Degree)

        Landscape and Horticulture Technology (A.S. Degree)

            Horticulture Specialization

            Landscape Specialization

        Landscape and Horticulture Professional (Technical Certificate)
        Landscape and Horticulture Specialist (Technical Certificate)
        Landscape and Horticulture Technician (Technical Certificate)

            Horticulture Specialization

            Landscape Specialization

        Laser and Photonics Technician (Technical Certificate)
        Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Advanced Technical Certificate)
        Medical Office Administration (A.S. Degree)

            Medical Front Office Specialization

            Medical Transcription Specialization

        Medical Office Management (Technical Certificate)
        Medical Office Specialist (Technical Certificate)

            Medical Front Office Specialization

            Medical Transcription Specialization

        Medical Office Support (Technical Certificate)

            Medical Front Office Specialization

            Medical Transcription Specialization

        Network Administration (Technical Certificate)
        Network Engineering Technology (A.S. Degree)

             Cisco Routing and Switching Specialization

             Microsoft Systems Administration Specialization

             Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Specialization

        Network Infrastructure (Technical Certificate)
        Network Support (Technical Certificate)
        Nursing (A.S. to B.S. Career Path)

            Online R.N. Advanced Standing Track

        Office Administration (A.S. Degree)
        Office Management (Technical Certificate)
        Office Specialist (Technical Certificate)
        Office Support (Technical Certificate)
        Paramedic Technology (Technical Certificate)
        Property and Casualty Insurance Management Operations (Technical Certificate)
        Property and Casualty Insurance Management Specialist (Technical Certificate)
        Radiography (A.S. Degree)
        Real Estate Specialist (Technical Certificate)
        Respiratory Care (A.S. Degree)
        Robotics Applications (Technical Certificate)
        Veterinary Technology (A.S. Degree) (Offered through Cooperative Agreement with St. Petersburg College)


Associate in Science Degree programs are composed of general and specialized courses. General education courses are taught at all college locations. Due to the need for specialized equipment, some courses may need to be taken at a specific campus. The programs in this list may be taken in their entirety on the West Campus.