2024-25 Catalog

Student and Campus Services

A guide to where you can find answers to your questions!

The Student Affairs Division at Valencia College is designed to assist all Valencia students in achieving extraordinary learning results by better preparing students to start right and be successful. Student Affairs encourages the use of LifeMap and Atlas tools, as a means of success for all students. The order of the following descriptions can be used to direct you to the best resource.

Information Station – The Information Station is positioned in a central location on each campus. It is staffed by student leaders trained to provide general information to new and returning students. From here, prospective students and visitors to campus will be able to obtain directions to the offices on campus, learn how to apply for admission and financial aid online, information about the assessment process, and other general information.

Answer Center – The Answer Center is where all student service activities begin. This is the first stop for students to ask about the application process, discuss financial aid, inquire about orientation, and receive basic academic advising. A professional staff member, known as a Student Services Advisor, will meet with a student visiting the Answer Center to assist in the following areas:

•    Admissions:  Application, residency and deadlines

•    Financial Aid:  Award information, proper documentation and deadlines

•    Transcripts:  High school, college, AP, CLEP, DANTES and IB

•    Graduation:  Proper documentation, commencement information and deadlines

•    Referrals:  Referrals to other offices (as necessary)

Advising Services – Valencia College student success advising provides holistic and transformative support through a collaborative student and advisor relationship that fosters student learning and creates conditions leading to the achievement of academic and career goals. Students will be supported through developmental advising which includes life, career and education planning; interpretation of assessments; strategies to address academic and personal challenges; programs to encourage student success skills; information about graduation requirements and academic policies. Advising also assists with course selection for degree pathways and technical certificates; preparation for transition into bachelor programs; and assistance with financial aid. Advising Services Advising staff provide holistic and transformative support through a collaborative student and advisor relationship that includes career and education planning; interpretation of assessments; strategies to address academic difficulties; programs to develop student success skills; preparation for transition into bachelor programs; and workforce preparedness. Advising offers a variety of resources and web-based tools to support student goal setting and education planning. Students are encouraged to use these resources and tools as well as visit Advising for support with program progression. If you are seeking a degree and/or technical certificate from Valencia, check in this catalog for the program requirements. You should meet with your assigned advisor for assistance in knowing how your courses apply toward your program. Check the student portal for your assigned advisor. Advisors are available on campus or virtually to assist with program planning and answer specific questions about requirements and program completion. It is recommended that you make an appointment to meet with your advisor on a regular basis. If you plan to transfer into a Bachelor’s Degree, you should utilize Valencia’s resources early in your enrollment to determine specific courses needed to prepare for your major. Advisors can assist you in this process. It is important to make transfer plans early to ensure a smooth transition into your program. Additional Resources to Support Your Progression:

Advising Guide Associate in Arts
Advising Guide Associate in Science
Advising Guide Associate in Arts ​(ADA Format)
Advising Guide Associate in Science ​(ADA Format)

Other Support Service Areas

Academic Departments – Academic Departments are where students are able to speak with Academic Deans, Career Program Advisors, and Program Advisors. Career Program Advisors offer valuable assistance to students enrolled in Associate in Science Degree, Associate in Applied Science Degree and technical certificate programs. They can help ensure that students are taking the right classes to complete their programs, explain graduation requirements and transfer options, and describe career opportunities for graduates.  Program Advisors assist Associate in Arts students.  Each Program Advisor is assigned specific Meta-Majors and have in-depth knowledge in that major. 

Learning Support Centers – A variety of learning laboratories designed to assist students who need help in reading, writing and mathematics skills.

Assessment – The office where students take the PERT (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test), the LOEP (Levels of English Proficiency), the CLEP (College Level Examination Program), and the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills).

Atlas Lab – The Atlas Access Lab is the resource for assistance with online tools and services. Through My LifeMap Tools, the staff assists with registration; online career and education planning; and accessing other student information such as financial aid, accounts, and degree audits.

BayCare Student Assistance Services – Students can access confidential, professional assistance to help resolve problems that affect their personal life and/or college performance. Besides being confidential, this voluntary program is designed for all students to seek help on their own. Credit students are able to use this service at no charge as the service is funded through the student activity fee.

Business Office – The office where questions related to student financial accounts are answered and payments are received.

Career Center – The office where a variety of services are available to assist students in making career decisions, setting career goals, and preparing for a job search.

Enrollment Services – Enrollment Services receives incoming calls, emails, and chats from prospective and current students with questions about program information, the application process, financial aid, orientation, records, transcripts, basic academic advising, and general college information. 

International Student Services (ISS) – Students attending Valencia on an F or J Visa must meet with an International Student Coordinator after completing the admissions process. After a student is accepted to Valencia, the  ISS staff offers assistance in creating a course schedule, making appropriate referrals, and addressing immigration-related topics.

Internship and Workforce Services – The office where students and employers connect for opportunities such as employment or an internship in a specific field.

Office for Students with Disabilities – Valencia is committed to ensuring that all of its programs and services are accessible to students with disabilities. The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) provides individual assistance to students with documented disabilities based upon the need and impact of a student’s specific disability.

Security – The office in which parking decals and Student ID cards are issued. All emergencies (illness or injury) as well as any disturbance on campus that could result in a serious injury should be reported to the Security Office. It is also the location of lost and found services. 

Student Development – Student Development offers all students a variety of programs and services that connect students with each other and with Valencia.  Students can learn more about SGA (Student Government Association), campus activities, clubs and organizations, student leadership programs (Wellness Ambassadors, Welcome Team, Campus Programming Board, Orientation Team, Financial Literacy Ambassadors, Atlas Lab Leaders), intramural sports, UFit program, and Valencia Volunteers (community service programs).

Tutoring Services – Tutoring services are available at no charge to students for academic courses in which they are currently enrolled. Tutoring Services matches students having difficulty in a course with tutors who demonstrate competence in the specific course. Valencia also provides access to Smarthinking online tutoring, free of charge. Smarthinking is accessible in the Courses tab of Atlas and offers support in a variety of subjects including: math, writing, science, business, computers and technology, nursing and allied health, study skills, and job search preparation. Students can connect on demand with an expert tutor for a drop-in session 24 hours a day, schedule an appointment in advance, submit writing for detailed review, or ask a question offline. Smarthinking is a great option for students who take classes solely online and rarely visit a campus, or for times when campus centers are at capacity or closed due to business hours.

Veteran’s Affairs – The Veteran’s Affairs Office is responsible for providing veterans and their eligible dependents assistance that will enable them to maximize their veteran’s educational entitlement. 

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