2023-24 Catalog

Additional Educational Opportunities

Bridges to Success Program

For 25 years the Bridges to Success Program (BTS) has been responsible for working with diverse populations to assist with the post-secondary transition from application to enrollment and graduation and assists the college in creating an educational environment that supports the success of these students. BTS is committed to helping all students become successful in achieving their educational and career goals. BTS understands that the Road to Success can be challenging as students balance their academic course work, responsibilities and personal life.

An important element in a student's success at Valencia is the connection with people and services that can assist them when they need it. BTS works within the college to provide services and programs of interest and benefit to our diverse student population.

BTS, as a part of its action plan for minority recruitment and retention, maintains vital connections with colleges and universities throughout the country as well as minority churches and other civic and ethnic groups in the community that support students in their educational endeavors.

Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment Program provides the opportunity for qualified students in grades 6-12 to enroll in Valencia courses and earn college credit while concurrently earning credit to satisfy high school graduation requirements. Dual enrollment students may be attending public or private schools, or participating in a home education program. Private and home education students must check with the Dual Enrollment Offices regarding additional program requirements. 

School counselors, or parents for home education students, are responsible for identifying students who demonstrate social maturity and motivation, and who possess the academic capabilities to pursue college level instruction. Recommended students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 unweighted scale in courses taken for high school credit. In addition, students who are not 16 years of age must complete an underage agreement prior to the beginning of their first term of dual enrollment. The application process is included in the Admissions section of this catalog.

The Dual Enrollment Program Application Deadline Dates may be viewed at the Dual Enrollment website.

Students must provide college placement test scores (ACT, PERT or SAT) in English, reading and mathematics. All scores must be at college level to be admitted to the Dual Enrollment Program. 

Dual Enrollment students are exempt from application, matriculation, and laboratory fees. Textbooks and instructional materials for public school students are provided by the school district through the school they attend; Textbooks for home education students will be provided by Valencia College. Students enrolled in private schools must pay for their own textbook and instructional materials.

When a student selects Dual Enrollment courses, it is advantageous for the student to choose courses that will apply toward his/her graduation requirements and intended college degree. Dual Enrollment students may take college-level courses online, at their high school campus (as applicable) and/or at a Valencia campus. Classes may meet before, during or after school hours and during the Summer Term. Developmental and physical education courses, flex start courses, and courses less than three credits are ineligible for inclusion in the Dual Enrollment Program.

Students who are in Dual Enrollment via a specific high school career education program are not eligible to enroll in any academic courses, nor can they enroll in electives outside the requirements of their career program’s curriculum without permission from the Dual Enrollment Office.

No high school credit is granted by Valencia; high school credit for Dual Enrollment is awarded by the high school and is reflected on the high school transcript. College credits earned through Dual Enrollment are reflected on the college transcript. Valencia Dual Enrollment students are required by Florida Statute to submit an official, final high school transcript showing the date of graduation from high school before a Valencia transcript can be released and a Dual Enrollment student can become a regular degree-seeking student at Valencia.

All active Dual Enrollment students are re-classified from Dual Enrollment to Personal Interest during the term of their high school graduation. This re-classification, which usually takes place in February, allows students to register for Valencia College classes in advance of high school graduation, as long as the actual class start date occurs after the high school graduation date.  The Personal Interest designation also allows a student to continue as a non-degree seeking student until the high school diploma is received and a Change of Major/Program Form is submitted to re-classify the student from Personal Interest to a degree/certificate-seeking status. Note, however, that Dual Enrollment fee waivers are not applied for terms ending after high school graduation, and a non-degree-seeking student is not eligible for financial aid; thus, all tuition and fees must be paid by the student by the stated fee payment deadlines in the online official catalog.

In addition to (1) the final high school transcript and (2) the Change of Major/Program Form to update enrollment status from Dual Enrollment to degree seeking, students who wish to continue at Valencia must verify their Florida residency status for tuition purposes by submitting (3) the Residency Statement and supporting documentation (4) FAFSA must also be completed if applicable.  Also, international dual enrollment students must meet the admission requirements and procedures for international students outlined in the Admissions section of this catalog.  If a Dual Enrolled student intends to graduate from Valencia simultaneously with high school graduation, the college will determine the student's graduation requirements based on the student's earliest date of enrollment as a Dual Enrolled student.  

Flex Start Scheduling

Flex Start scheduling offers students the opportunity to register for classes that begin and end at times other than the official beginning and ending dates of the Fall, Spring, and Summer Full Terms. Through Flex Start, courses are taught in five, six, eight and ten week periods. Generally, courses are offered 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Sunday, and may be taught on campus and online.

Intensive Foreign Language Classes

Students who want to fulfill the foreign language requirement for an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree in one term may do so by enrolling in intensive language classes. The eight credits that ordinarily are taken over two terms are taught in one Full Term and cover the material from the 1120 and 1121 level courses in that language.

This option reduces the number of terms it takes to complete the foreign language requirement and creates more of an “immersion course setting” which aids most students in language acquisition.

International/Intercultural Education

Since the founding of the college in 1967, Central Florida has grown from a state and regional vacation spot to a dynamic hub for international business, industry, entertainment and education. Valencia offers courses, programs, and activities to international and U.S. students that respond to the needs of a global economy and a diverse community in order to enrich each campus culture and enhance learning opportunities with different perspectives and life experiences.

Study Abroad and Global Experiences (SAGE)

Studying abroad is a truly immersive, life-changing experience. It offers students the chance to expand professional skills, increase academic success, gain cross-cultural perspectives, and explore international career opportunities. The SAGE Office supports students in achieving their study abroad goals by offering short-term, semester and exchange experiences. Internal and external scholarships are available, and students may have the option of using financial aid to help fund their studies. In addition to study abroad, SAGE supports internationalization efforts at home, including the Global Distinction program, where students have the opportunity to earn a medallion worn at graduation and an official distinction notation on their transcript. Ready to study abroad or join Global Distinction? Contact the SAGE Office for more information or visit https://valenciacollege.edu/students/study-abroad/

Global Distinction

The goal of Global Distinction (GD) is to prepare students to live and work in an interdependent and multicultural world, while having the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a competent global citizen. To successfully earn the distinction, students must complete the GD orientation session, 4 internationalized courses from an approved list of courses, earn 15 points on co-curricular experiences that focus on global learning, and complete a capstone project showcasing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a global citizen.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

English for Academic Purposes is an English program for speakers of other languages who already have some background in English. The program is designed to bring English skills to a level that will help students be successful in college credit courses. Learn more at valenciacollege.edu/eap.

Learning in Community (LinC)

Learning in Community (LinC) is a program that pairs two or more courses together. Content from these courses are integrated around a common theme and, in most cases, professors teach as a team. The same students take both courses together and the college provides additional academic and social support for each student in LinC.

More information on the LinC program can be found at valenciacollege.edu/linc.


All Valencia students are eligible to enroll in the United States Army and Air Force ROTC programs at the University of Central Florida. Army and Air Force Military Science classes are conducted at the University of Central Florida. A maximum of eight semester credits of ROTC credit may apply as elective credits toward a degree at Valencia. Further information is available from the University of Central Florida Air Force ROTC office at 407-823-1247 or airforce.ucf.edu, or the Army ROTC office at 407-823-2430 or https://army.ucf.edu/.

Service Learning

Service Learning integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities. Service Learning allows students to blend educational goals with their passions.

At Valencia, students can participate in service learning as individuals through the service learning course SLS 2940 or SLS 2940H (Honors). Additionally, some courses may have a service learning component as part of the course. To gain a better understanding of the course outcomes, students provide a service in the community and get hands on experience. Through their service, students deepen their learning and make a difference in the community.

Information about service learning is available online at valenciacollege.edu/servicelearning.

Military Active Duty Members, Reservists and Veterans

You may benefit from Valencia’s special efforts to aid service members in securing a postsecondary education. Aside from stated and traditional means of obtaining credit toward most degrees, the following special policies, procedures and services are available to you as active-duty military personnel:

  1. You may earn certain credits by satisfactory completion of Advanced Placement examinations. (See Advanced Placement.)
  2. You may earn a maximum of 15 semester credits through extension and/or correspondence courses.
  3. Credit can be earned through validated military service training including military service schools: Army/American Council on Educational Registry Transcript System (AARTS), Defense Language Institute (DLI), Sailor/Marine/Ace Registry Transcript System (SMARTS), and United States Armed Forces Institute (USAFI).

In recognition of the advanced academic and technical content of many military education experiences, Valencia will grant credit for military education that has been evaluated and recommended as suitable for post-secondary credit. After enrolling at Valencia, you may initiate the request for such credit by providing appropriate documentation to any campus Answer Center. Recommendations in the American Council on Education (ACE) Guide are advisory in nature and are not binding upon the College.