Alternative Methods of Instruction


Some mathematics courses are offered through different teaching/learning approaches:

Computer-Assisted Instruction

This approach offers computer and instructional technologies and features video animation clips, historical and applications-based perspectives, precise graphing tools, and immediate feedback to students. The instructor presents some explanation of the course material as needed by the class, but primarily serves as a resource person when students have questions. This approach allows students 24-hour electronic access to computer lessons via the Internet, assuming students have access via an Internet service provider. Students must be able to point and click a computer mouse to participate in this approach. Students are expected to attend all class meetings, but also may progress independently outside of class. Chapter tests are announced and taken as a class, which requires students to keep a common instructional pace throughout the course.

Individualized Learning for Motivated Students

This approach is for highly self-motivated students. Students must attend class, individually complete all course material and pass each test at the required level. The instructor does not present explanations of the course material to the class, but serves as a resource person when students have questions. The instructor assists in the use of various multimedia resources. Each student takes the required competency-based exams when he/she is ready. Individualized Learning provides students the opportunity to complete two courses in one term.

Independent Study

Valencia offers Independent Study (IS) in various courses to allow you to progress at your own rate. IS helps you meet course requirements through student/faculty interaction in a non-classroom situation. IS arrangements are dependent on the availability of a professor and upon the approval of the respective Academic Dean. Regardless of the date of enrollment in an IS course, you will receive a grade at the end of the Fall, Spring or Summer Full Term in which you register for the course. The conditions of the Withdrawal and Forgiveness rules apply to Independent Study courses. (See Course Attempts & Course Withdrawal.)

If you wish to take an IS course, you will have to make arrangements with a professor and the appropriate Academic Dean. Application forms are available in the office of the department responsible for the course. A non-refundable fee of $25 per credit hour is charged in addition to regular fees for each IS course in which you enroll. If you receive financial aid or third-party funding, you should verify that your financial aid or third-party funding will cover the fees associated with Independent Study.

Statway™ An Alternative Pathway to and through College-Transfer Statistics

Students who place into DEVELOPMENTAL MATHEMATICS II (MAT 0028C) or beyond, who do not intend to pursue a major requiring completion of COLLEGE ALGEBRA (MAC 1105) or courses for which College Algebra is a prerequisite, are eligible to participate in Statway™.

Statway™ is focused on statistics, data analysis and quantitative reasoning. These mathematics skills are essential for a growing number of occupations and professions, and are needed for making decisions under conditions of uncertainty, an inescapable condition of modern life. Statway™ will concentrate on statistical content with requisite arithmetic and algebraic concepts taught and applied in the context of statistics. It is a two-course sequence of INTRO TO STATISTICAL REASONING (STA 1001C) and a corresponding designated section of STATISTICAL METHODS (STA 2023).

In order to successfully complete Statway™, a student must earn an A, B or C in STA 1001C, then earn an A, B or C in the corresponding designated Statway™ section of STA 2023. If a student is seeking an Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree, it is expected that to satisfy the general education Mathematics requirement, the student enroll in COLLEGE MATHEMATICS (MGF 1106) or MATH FOR THE LIBERAL ARTS (MGF 1107).

Click here to view the Statway™ Pathway chart.