All Valencia’s A.A. Degree, A.S. Degree, B.S. Degree, Certificate Programs, and most Accelerated Skills Training Programs approved for veterans’ educational benefits.   In addition, some of our Accelerated Skills Programs are approved. To check the status of a particular program, please contact our Veterans’ Affairs Office at 407-582-8084.

To receive veteran’s benefits, contact the Student Services Office on any Valencia campus. You will be required to receive academic advising prior to your registration and you must follow your specified degree program.

Benefit Checks

Benefit payments will vary depending upon your individual eligibility. The first monthly payment will arrive no sooner than the 1st of the month after your term starts. Payment will be made via paper check mailed to you or direct deposit depending on what was requested on the application. You may apply for direct deposit of your checks by calling 1-800-827-1000.

Deferment for Payment of Registration Fees for Veterans

The Veteran’s Certifying Official in the Student Services Office will issue a deferment for payment of student fees the first time you register for classes, or following a break in your educational program, provided you are eligible and all documents are on file. The deferment is for registration fees only and will be due 60 days from the first day of classes for the term. You are fully responsible for paying the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) deferment, even though your benefit checks may not have begun by the date the deferment is due. If the deferment is not paid on time, you will be placed in default and you will not be eligible for a VA deferment in the future.

Academic Standards for Receiving Veteran’s Benefits

All students receiving veteran’s benefits must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative overall grade point average and a completion ratio of at least 50% of the credits attempted over the previous two consecutive terms.

If you fail to meet these requirements, benefits will be terminated. To reinstate your benefits, you must bring your grade point average and completion ratio up to the required levels or appeal the decision in Valencia's Veteran's Affairs Office.

Late Drops/Late Withdrawals

Valencia College will allow you to drop or withdraw from your courses after the published deadlines if you are recalled to active duty.  For more information, review the procedure published with the “Late Withdrawal Without Refund/Late Drop With Refund” form, available via Atlas.  Once granted, the course will remain on your transcript with a grade of MR to indicate Military Recall.  Note that Late Drops and Late Withdrawals may impact your standards of academic progress and count impact your benefits.

Standards of Progress for Veteran’s Benefits in Criminal Justice Institute Programs and Accelerated Skills Training Programs

Students enrolled in any Criminal Justice Institute Training Program or Accelerated Skills Training Program must maintain satisfactory progress.

Students are required to attend all classes and take all examinations required by the Criminal Justice Training Institute and the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, receive a minimum score of 80%, and demonstrate proficiency to receive a passing grade of “P.” An “F” in any course will cause the student to retake the course.

Students will be dismissed from the program and terminated from Veteran’s Benefits if they fail two examinations (courses) in the program or have any unexcused absences.

For Accelerated Skills Training, students are required to attend all classes and take all examinations required by the respective certifying bodies, and demonstrate proficiency to receive a passing grade of "P."  A non-passing grade in any course will cause the student to retake the course.

Students will be dismissed from Accelerated Skills Programs and terminated from Veteran's Benefits if they fail the industry credential examinations in a program or have any unexcused absences.

Excused absences are given when a student can show evidence of illness, death in immediate family, jury duty or other equally serious reason for non-attendance. The professor will determine if an absence is excused or unexcused.

Notifications to Veteran’s Certification Office

  • Progress reports are filed with the VA Certification Office each month. These reports show grades as “P” passing or “F” failing as well as dates and hours of absence.
  • Veteran’s Benefits recipients are notified of progress by the VA Certification Official with emphasis on the fact that continuation of unsatisfactory progress and/or unexcused absences will result in an interruption of VA Benefits.

Conditions of Re-entry

A student may re-enter the program following dismissal due to unsatisfactory progress or conduct only when the following conditions exist:

  • The cause of the unsatisfactory conduct or progress has been removed.
  • It is deemed through counseling that the program which the veteran or eligible person now proposes to pursue is suitable to his/her aptitude, interests and abilities.
  • The student meets all requirements of the academy at the time of reapplication.