2024-25 Catalog


Parking at Valencia College, Downtown Campus

Follow link for parking permit fees, approved parking locations, and regulations.

Registration of Vehicles, Parking Permits and Decals

Registration of Vehicles, Parking Permits and Decals All motor vehicles, operated by students and employees in connection with attendance or employment at Valencia must display a current parking permit. An application for a parking permit must be filled out online through Atlas and a copy, along with the Valencia ID and current vehicle registration, must be submitted to a campus Security Office during the time of registration for classes.

Decals are issued at no cost to students and employees. Lost, stolen or damaged decals must be replaced. Emergency or temporary permits for short-term periods may be obtained at all campus Security Offices from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM Monday through Friday, and at West Campus from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday.

Disabled Person Parking Permits

Persons with temporary or permanent disabilities must have a State of Florida Disabled Person Parking Permit to park in spaces designated for persons with disabilities.

Parking Regulations

Students must park in spaces designated with white stripes. Yellow spaces are only for faculty/staff permits, violators are subject to citation.

Students with disabilities may park in the white (General Parking) spaces or in the Disabled Person Parking Only spaces if the vehicle bears a valid Disabled Person Parking Permit.

Parking is prohibited on roadways, sidewalks, grass areas, wheelchair ramps, ends of aisles, along parking lot curbs and in areas temporarily restricted. In the event a vehicle must be parked illegally to await repairs or fuel, campus security must be notified immediately.

Motorcycles and motor scooters (including Mopeds) may be parked only in spaces provided for such vehicles.

Trailers, motor homes and similar recreational vehicles cannot be parked anywhere on campus without approval of the Security Office. Vehicles parked in such a manner as to block another vehicle or the flow of vehicular traffic may be moved or impounded at the owner's expense.

Permission to leave a vehicle on campus overnight must be obtained from the Security Office. Valencia assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles parked on college property. Vehicles left parked on campus in excess of 72 hours will be considered abandoned and towed at the owner's or operator's expense.

Moving Traffic Regulations

Speed Limits:
Perimeter Roads – 25 MPH
Parking Lots – 10 MPH

Observance of stop signs, entrance lanes, and exit lanes will be strictly enforced.

Driving and Parking Offenses

The following are prohibited: parking in RESERVED, LOADING or other unauthorized areas; blocking or obstructing traffic, a street, a sidewalk, a wheelchair ramp, a building entrance or exit, or another vehicle; or parking on grass areas and/or along parking lot curbs. Student parking in faculty/staff areas (designated with yellow stripes) is prohibited. Parking in disabled-person-only zones, blocking wheelchair ramps, or repeated violations of other parking regulations can subject the vehicle to impoundment at the owner's or operator's expense. Repetitive parking violations are considered a violation of Student Code of Conduct rules. In addition to a monetary fine, disciplinary action may be taken.

Visitor Parking

Parking for visitors is provided in designated lots. Vehicles operated by Valencia students or employees are prohibited from visitor parking spaces at all times. If Visitor Parking is unavailable visitors are able to park in any white spaces.

Parking Fines

Fines imposed for violations must be paid within 15 school days from date of issue of citation. Amounts due after the delinquent date are double the original amount of the fine. Fines for parking violations are payable at any campus Business Office. Unpaid citations will result in an “administrative hold” which will restrict registration until delinquent fines are paid.

Parking Violations

Disabled Person Spaces, Ramps (Fine does not double) $250.00
Fire Lane (Fine does not double) $40.00
Grass Areas $10.00
Improper Display of Decal $10.00
Motorcycle Areas $10.00
No Current Decal Displayed $10.00
Roadways, Curb Areas $10.00
Visitors, Special (Faculty/Staff) $10.00
Other Violations of these regulations $10.00