An emergency is defined as the illness or injury of an individual while on campus or any disturbance on campus that, if immediate action were not taken, could result in a serious injury or possible death.

In case of an emergency, the campus Security Office should be contacted immediately. (See phone numbers under Emergency Communications.) Telephones are located in each building and in the parking lots for emergency use. If 911 has been called directly, security still needs to be contacted in order to direct emergency services to the scene.

Valencia assumes no responsibility for payment of expenses related to medical treatment or transportation to a medical facility.

Before registration each term, you will be asked to update your emergency contact information and mailing address in Atlas.

Emergency Communications

There are yellow emergency call boxes attached to various light poles in the parking lots. The locations have large blue signs with white lettering. Opening the door will activate the call box and will transmit the location of the alarm over the Security Department radio system.

Valencia will not accept personal calls for students except in case of a life or death emergency. In such case, students or families should contact the appropriate Security Office:

District Office

407-299-5000 x3000

Downtown Campus


East Campus

407-299-5000 x2000

Lake Nona Campus

407-299-5000 x7000

Osceola Campus

407-299-5000 x4000

Poinciana Campus

207-299-5000 x6500

School of Public Safety (formerly Criminal Justice Institute)

407-299-5000 x8000

West Campus

407-299-5000 x1000

Winter Park Campus

407-299-5000 x6000

Valencia Alert is a service provided by Valencia to immediately notify you of a crisis on campus or weather emergency. In the event of an emergency, Valencia Alert will notify you instantly via e-mail and/or text message depending on your selected preferences. It will also provide you with real-time updates, instructions on where to go, what to do, whom to contact, and other important information. Valencia assumes no liability for messages that are not received.