2024-25 Catalog

Degree Audit

Your degree audit identifies the course requirements for your program of study and indicates which of these courses you have completed. A degree audit excludes all developmental course work and courses not counted in the program.

You may obtain a degree audit through your Atlas account. It is recommended that you run your degree audit at least once per term, after grades have been processed, to check your progression to your degree. We suggest you then update your education plan in the My LifeMap tab in Altas.

If you are considering changing your program of study, you may run a “what if analysis” degree audit for any degree or technical certificate to help you determine the courses you would need to complete the program you are looking to consider.

If you have questions about your degree audit and you are seeking an A.A. degree, see an Academic Advisor in Student Services; if you are seeking an A.S. degree or a certificate, contact your Career Program Advisor. Students seeking a Bachelor’s degree should contact the Career Program Advisor for your degree program.