2024-25 Catalog

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Your GPA is a calculation of your credits earned and grades received. GPAs range from 0.0 to 4.0.

To calculate your GPA, you divide your total number of quality points by your total credit hours. For example, assume that you have taken the following schedule, made the grades indicated and want to calculate your GPA.

Course Number Credits Earned Grade Credit Hours Credits Earned Quality Points
ENC 1101 3 A 3 3 12
POS 2041 3 B 3 3 9
CHM 1025C 4 C 4 4 8
MAC 1105 3 F 0 0 0
HUM 1020 3 W 0 0 0
PSY 2012 3 F 3 0 0
Total 19 13 10 29

Although you signed up for six courses (19 semester credits), you withdrew from HUM 1020 INTRODUCTION TO HUMANITIES prior to the withdrawal deadline, so you don’t count that course at all. Sixteen credits will be computed in your GPA even though you passed only 10 credits because you have to count both the course you completed, but failed, and the course from which you were withdrawn as a no show. Now look at the preceding quality-point list and multiply the number of credits you completed in each course by the number of quality points assigned for each grade. You have earned a total of 29 quality points for your final grades in 16 credits. Divide your 29 quality points by the 16 credits used for your GPA to arrive at your GPA of 1.81.

The types of GPAs calculated at Valencia are: Term GPA (all course work for a given term), Institutional GPA (all course work at Valencia), Transfer GPA (all course work from other institutions), and Overall GPA (all course work–including developmental). These are the GPAs that will appear on your Valencia transcript as part of your academic record. You can calculate your own GPA by going to the GPA Calculator on our website. 

Prior to Fall 2010, Valencia issued grades of WP (withdrawal passing) and WF (withdrawal failing). A WP is not calculated in your GPA. A WF is calculated as an F with 0 quality points

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grade Option

Students can take coursework and earn grades of S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory). A grade of S+ is equal to a C (2.0) or better. A grade of S- is equated to a D (1.0). A grade of U is equal to an F (0.0).  Grades earned under the S/U are not computed the grade point average.

Courses with a grade of S+ will count as credits earned in a degree program. Such grades are included in the student's permanent academic record and are reflected on the transcript.

After the S/U option is approved, the grade cannot revert to a letter grade.