2024-25 Catalog


Scholarships are awarded primarily based on financial need; however, some scholarship programs may not require need. Usually, other factors are also considered, which may include academic talent, performing talent, participation in certain activities or special interests. Scholarship requirements and application procedures vary depending upon the criteria set by the scholarship provider. Many scholarships require a separate application that must be obtained directly from the scholarship provider.

Seneff Honors College Scholarships 

Seneff Honors College Scholarships The Seneff Honors College offers scholarship opportunities to honors students who are seeking an honors graduation distinction. Scholarship eligibility criteria and deadlines for current offerings are provided at the time of admittance.

General Eligibility Criteria

  • Recipients must be accepted into and in good standing with the Seneff Honors College.
  • Recipients must meet scholarship eligibility criteria and deadlines as shared by the Seneff Honors College each fall and spring registration period.
  • Recipients must make good progress toward graduation from their degree program with an honors distinction and satisfy co-curricular requirements as determined by the Honors Director.
  • Recipients must complete three approved co-curricular activities each fall and spring term to remain eligible for honors scholarship opportunities.

For further information about the Seneff Honors College, visit https://valenciacollege.edu/honors.

Mayor Richard T. Crotty Transfer Scholarship

The Mayor Richard T. Crotty Transfer Scholarship is funded by the Alumni Association of Valencia College and the University of Central Florida. The scholarship application is available in February each year and students must have graduated during the academic year the scholarship is awarded and plan to attend UCF in the upcoming Fall semester. Two students are selected each year to receive up to $10,000 in scholarship funds to pursue a Bachelor's degree at the University of Central Florida. For more information, please contact the Valencia College Foundation at foundationscholarships@valenciacollege.edu.

Bridges to Success

The Bridges to Success award is provided to students who participate in the Bridges to Success Program. The Bridges to Success Program is available to students who may have factors which impact their ability to attend college, high school graduates from Orange or Osceola County are encouraged to apply. Special consideration is given to students who have participated in one of the following Pre-Collegiate Programs:

  • AVID
  • TRIO/Upward Bound
  • McKnight Achievers
  • POPS (Professional Opportunities Program for Students)
  • Parramore Kids Zone (PKZ)
  • Horizon Scholars
  • Rosen Scholars
  • Travel and Leisure Scholars

The award will pay for in-state tuition and fees, plus $300 (summer) and $300 (Fall, Spring) per semester for required books and supplies after other financial aid is considered.

Initial Eligibility

  • Apply and be accepted into the Bridges to Success Program
  • High school graduate of an Orange or Osceola County high school
  • Have a minimum 2.75 unweighted academic GPA
  • Must be first-generation college student
  • Complete all the minimum academic courses required by the state of Florida
  • Qualify for Pell Grant as determined by the FAFSA
  • Meet Florida residency requirements
  • Qualify for free or reduced lunch
  • Must have completed the PERT Reading, Writing, and Math exams

Renewal Eligibility

  • Award is renewed if student remains fully engaged with the BTS Program guidelines
  • Completed/Processed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the financial aid deadline
  • Enroll in at least nine credit hours each term
  • Maintain a 2.75 term GPA
  • Complete at least 75% of attempted courses

Valencia College Foundation Scholarships

The Valencia CollegeFoundation offers privately-funded scholarships to help students achieve their dreams of attaining a college education. Many students are working to build better lives for themselves and their families, and the foundation's donors are committed to help make a difference for Valencia College students.

The Foundation Scholarship Application is available through the Atlas portal, by clicking on the Students tab and selecting Applications under Student Forms or by visiting https://valencia.org/scholarships.php By completing the online application, students will be considered for many competitive scholarships based on this single application.

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program

This is a state scholarship awarded to Florida high school graduates who demonstrate high academic achievement. Awards are issued by the State of Florida directly to the eligible student.

Applications and eligibility criteria are available from your high school guidance office or from the Florida Department of Education Web site: https://www.floridastudentfinancialaidsg.org

Valencia College receives electronic information about eligible Bight Futures scholars from the Florida Department of Education. You must designate Valencia College as the school you plan to attend by visiting https://www.floridastudentfinancialaidsg.org or call 1-888-827-2004.

To be eligible, you must enroll for at least six credits of college-level course work each term. You must be classified as a Florida resident and be a degree-seeking student. You must be a U.S Citizen or eligible non-citizen. Initial award amounts are estimated for purposes of Valencia College’s financial aid award planning. Actual payment depends upon the program regulations and the amount of tuition and fees assessed for the term.

The program has four levels. Each award level has different academic criteria for eligibility. Your financial aid award will reflect an estimate of the maximum amount that would be covered if you increased enrollment in the year. Actual payment will be based on your Bright Future Scholarship award and enrollment.

You may receive only one award:

Florida Academic Scholars Award 

Pays 100% of tuition and state-approved fees for Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. The award requires a minimum 3.0 cumulative college-level grade point average to renew; or

Florida Medallion Scholarship 

Pays 100% of tuition and state-approved fees for associate degrees and pays 75% for bachelor degree program and technical certificates. The scholarship is available for Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. The award requires a minimum 2.75 cumulative college-level grade point average to renew; or

Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award* 

Pays up to $48 per credit hour for students in a vocational program (AS degree or Technical Certificate). The award requires a minimum 2.75 cumulative college-level grade point average to renew; or

Florida Gold Seal CAPE Scholarship 
Pays up to $48 per credit hour of a career education or certificate program (AS degree or Technical Certificate) tuition for lower division courses. Award is similar to Florida Gold Seal Vocational but requires the student to have completed CAPE industry certifications and service hours to qualify.

*Students who graduate high school in 2012-2013 and later, who are eligible for Gold Seal Vocational cannot receive funding when they are enrolled in an Associate of Arts or Baccalaureate degree program.

Renewal criteria must be met each academic year. Failure to meet the renewal criteria will result in the loss of your Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. For first year students, summer grades and hours earned after spring evaluation may be used if necessary to meet the scholarship renewal requirements of GPA. A student must ask the Financial Aid Office to submit a grade and hours update to the Florida Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) indicating the adjusted cumulative GPA and/or hours.

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Renewal Requirements

As of 2009-2010, if you withdraw from any course(s) that were paid for by a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship, you are responsible for repaying the amount paid by the scholarship for those course(s). If you do not repay for Bright Futures funded classes dropped or withdrawn by the end of the current academic year, you will not be eligible for renewal or funding for the subsequent academic year.

To continue to receive Bright Futures awards, students must meet minimum requirements for credit hours earned. Full-time students must earn 24 semester credit hours in the fall and spring terms. The requirements are prorated for three-quarter-time and part-time students. 

Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) Award Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS) Award Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars (GSV) Award Florida Gold Seal CAPE (GSC)
Minimum Cumulative GPA (unrounded & unweighted) 3.0 2.75 2.75
Minimum Hrs required per Term IF Funded Full Time (12+ hrs) 12 semester hours (earned)*
Minimum Hrs required per Term IF Funded Three-Qtr Time (9-11 hrs) 9 semester hrs (earned)*
Minimum Hrs required per Term IF Funded Half-Time (6-8 hrs) 6 semester hrs (earned)*

* Or equivalent in quarter or clock hours.

Scholarship Appeal Process

If a student does not meet annual renewal requirements, they do have the option of appealing in cases of a verifiable illness or circumstances beyond the student’s control. The student must provide an explanation along with documentation related to the mitigating circumstances for the term(s) in question.

An appeal must be filed within 30 days of the date of the ineligibility notice sent to the student or by the institution’s deadline which is April 30th of the year following the loss of eligibility. Please contact the Financial Aid office on your campus for more information.

For additional details about the Bright Futures program and program regulations, visit https://www.floridastudentfinancialaidsg.org

For additional questions regarding the Bright Futures program, visit our Bright Futures Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Other Florida Scholarships Offered by the Florida Department of Education

The Florida Department of Education offers a number of scholarships for Florida residents. Please consult the Florida Department of Education Web site: https://www.floridastudentfinancialaidsg.org

Outside Private Scholarships

Many clubs and organizations offer scholarships to college students. Students can obtain information about these awards from high school guidance offices, libraries, or from the Internet. The following FREE Internet scholarship search service is recommended: fastweb.com.

Valencia College posts information to a scholarship bulletin board at https://valenciacollege.edu/finaid/programs/scholarships/private-scholarships.php

If you or your family belong to any social, civic, ethnic, religious, professional or service groups, you should contact them. They often have educational assistance programs that are not advertised. Also, employers often have educational assistance plans for employees and/or dependents.

Valencia Grant

This grant is awarded by Financial Aid Services Leadership to provide direct educational expenses for students with unusual circumstances based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and other documentation on file.