2024-25 Catalog

Collection of Debts

All valid charges placed on an account are subject to the following actions.

  • You will be sent collection notices via Atlas e-mail. If you do not respond within the stipulated time frame, you may be administratively withdrawn from all of your courses; no refund will be given with all debt remaining due.

  • Your account will be placed on hold which will prevent any future registration, until the debt is paid in full. 

  • Your uncollected debt may be submitted to an external collection service. After this action is taken, you will owe the outstanding balance at the time of submission plus the account collection fee to the collection agency. (Refer to the Schedule of Other Fees for additional information on the account collection fee).

  • Valencia reserves the right to take legal action in its attempt to collect any and all amounts due from a student or third-party account.

Returned Payment Items

If Valencia receives two returned unpaid items (paper check or electronic check payment) in any combination from a student, the student no longer will be able to use these forms of tender as a method of payment. In addition, a returned check fee, based upon the amount of the transaction, will be assessed to the account. (See Schedule of Other Fees.)

Disputed Credit Cards

If Valencia receives two disputed credit card charges on a student account, the student will no longer be able to use this form of tender (Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover) as a method of payment.