Payment of Registration Fees

Registration fees must be paid by the Fee Payment Deadline provided in the Important Dates and Deadlines calendar in the online official catalog. To pay your registration fees, you may: use your authorized financial aid; pay online through your Atlas account with an approved credit card or by ACH transmittal; pay by cash, check, credit card or money order in any campus Business Office; or mail a check or money order to Valencia College, P.O. Box 4913, Orlando, FL 32802. Checks and money orders must be made payable to Valencia College, must include your Valencia ID number (VID), and must be received in the Business Office by the close of business on the Fee Payment Deadline. You also may pay using Valencia’s Tuition Installment Plan (TIP), an installment plan administered by Nelnet Business Solutions. (See Tuition Installment Plan – TIP below.)

It is your responsibility to pay any remaining balance after all financial aid, scholarships, and third-party funding have been applied to your account. To check your balance due:

  • Log into Atlas
  • Select Student tab
  • Go to My Account channel
  • Click My Account Balance link
  • Click on Valencia College Statement and Schedule in “Your Account” box located in the upper left hand corner for detailed information about charges and payments

If you add a course or change your course registration after you have paid for your courses, it is your responsibility to be sure your account balance is zero. Even if your new registration totals the same number of credit hours as your previous registration, the fees associated with the course(s) may be different, resulting in an outstanding balance.

All charges must be paid by the Fee Payment Deadline or you risk being deleted from all of your courses. Your fee payment deadline is based on the date that you register. To determine your specific payment deadline, check your Atlas account or the Important Dates and Deadlines calendar.

Tuition Installment Plan

Valencia offers an option for students to defer a portion of their tuition, fees and books past the fee payment deadline date. Tuition Installment Plan (TIP) is managed by a private, for-profit company, Nelnet Business Solutions. The program is available to all students registering for the current term. You can include all assessed registration fees, as well as a maximum of $400 in the Valencia Bookstore for books and supplies, in your agreement with Nelnet. No interest is charged and no credit checks are performed, but there is a non-refundable enrollment fee each term based on when you enroll. The payment schedule, payment amount and enrollment fee are determined based on when you sign up for TIP. Details of this plan can be found at

If the TIP contract is not executed completely or if the first payment and enrollment fee are not received in accordance with Nelnet Business Solution’s terms, your agreement will be terminated. If your account balance is not paid in full, your registration may be deleted and you may be dropped from all of your courses.

Third-Party Authorization

If all or part of your registration fees are being paid by an external agency (your employer, a government agency, etc.), you must present your current form of authorization (letter, voucher, etc.) to a campus Business Office by the Fee Payment Deadline provided in the Academic Calendar in the online official catalog. This authorization must be for the current term and must indicate a specific dollar amount for tuition, fees and/or books. You are responsible for any remaining balance. If the current authorization is not presented, your account will not be credited properly and you may be dropped from all of your courses.

Florida Prepaid Program

If you are a plan participant in good standing, Valencia will automatically credit your account for the maximum amount that can be billed. You are not required to notify the Business Office that you want to use your Prepaid plan. Your Florida Prepaid credit is limited to the amount of credit hours remaining in your plan, which is reflected on your annual statement. If, for any reason, we are unable to complete the billing process we will reverse the credit, and payment for your classes will become due immediately. If for any reason you do not want Valencia College to bill Florida Prepaid on your behalf or would like to reduce the number of hours billed, please complete and sign the Florida Prepaid Authorization Form and return it to any campus Business Office by the fee payment deadline.

Any fees not covered by your Prepaid plan must be paid in full on or before the fee payment deadline as listed in the Important Dates and Deadlines calendar or you may be dropped from your courses.

Note: Depending upon the type of plan you have, you may be responsible for payment of a portion of your registration fees (special fees, student activity fee, technology fee). No plan covers the full cost of instruction fees assessed for a course taken for the third time at Valencia.