2024-25 Catalog

Limited-Access Programs

Limited-access status occurs when student demand exceeds available resources such as faculty, instructional facilities, equipment, etc. Admission to Valencia College does not guarantee acceptance to a limited access degree or certificate in which the number of students who may enroll is limited. Limited-access programs have specific admission requirements. Career Programs with limited-access status have it so indicated with the program information in this catalog section.

Your governing catalog is the Valencia College catalog in effect at the time of your initial enrollment in associate or bachelor’s degree credit courses at Valencia. A Valencia catalog is valid for five academic years. If you are applying to a limited access program and the admissions requirements change within your five year catalog time period, you will qualify for a transition plan to the new requirements. Your governing catalog will be updated to the Valencia College catalog in effect at the time of your enrollment in the limited access program. You may officially declare any subsequent catalog as your governing catalog and follow its requirements for your initial degree or certificate program until that catalog expires; however, if you change your degree or certificate program, you are required to choose from the current degree and certificate program offerings and follow the graduation requirements of the current catalog. If your governing catalog has expired, your new governing catalog will be the catalog in effect in your next term of enrollment. Should the District Board of Trustees approve changes in program requirements to be effective within the academic year, the revised requirements will be available in the catalog, academic departments, and Career Program Advisor's offices. Students affected by the change in requirements should contact the appropriate Program Advisor, Program Director, or Academic Dean.