2024-25 Catalog

Certificate Programs

Technical Certificates

The Technical Certificate programs prepare students for immediate entry into a career in the workforce. Technical Certificate programs require prescribed technical courses and may require general education courses, for a minimum of 9 college credits. For students who meet degree-seeking requirements, college credits earned in a Technical Certificate program are applicable toward a related Associate in Science degree; for example, the courses in the Human Resources Management Technical Certificate can be applied toward the Business Administration Associate in Science degree.  Students who complete the course work prescribed in a Technical Certificate automatically will receive the certificate.  Also, students may request a Technical Certificate from the academic department. (To see which programs are eligible for financial aid, click on this link: https://catalog.valenciacollege.edu/financialaid/generaleligibility/).

Career Certificates

The Career Certificate programs prepare students for careers directly in the workforce.  The programs require prescribed technical credit courses and basic skills proficiency achieved through developmental courses. Students will receive a certificate upon completion of the Career Certificate program.

Certificate Programs

Accounting Applications (Technical Certificate) 

Accounting Operations (Technical Certificate) 

Accounting Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Advanced Computer Aided Design (Technical Certificate)

  • Architectural Drafting Specialization
  • Mechanical Drafting Specialization
  • Surveying Drafting Specialization

Advanced Electronics Technician (Technical Certificate) 

Audio Electronics Specialist (Technical Certificate) 

Audiovisual Production (Technical Certificate)

Baking and Pastry Arts (Technical Certificate) 

Baking and Pastry Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Basic Electronics Technician (Technical Certificate)

Biotechnology Laboratory Specialist (Technical Certificate) 

Biotechnology Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Business Management (Technical Certificate) 

Business Operations (Technical Certificate) 

Business Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Chef’s Apprentice (Technical Certificate)

Cloud Computing Architecture (Technical Certificate) 

Computer Aided Design (Technical Certificate) 

Computer Information Data Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Computer Information Technology Analyst (Technical Certificate) 

  • IT Security Specialization
  • IT Support Specialization

Computer Information Technology Specialist (Technical Certificate) 

Computer Programming (Technical Certificate) 

  • Computer Programming Specialization
  • Web Development Specialization

Computer Programming Specialist (Technical Certificate) 

  • Computer Programming Specialization
  • Web Development Specialization

Construction Specialist (Technical Certificate) 

Criminal Justice Institute (Career Certificates)

  • Correctional Officer
  • Law Enforcement Officer 
  • Crossover: Corrections to Law Enforcement
  • Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officer

Criminal Justice Specialist (Technical Certificate) 

  • Homeland Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Corrections
  • Peace and Justice in Criminal Justice

Culinary Arts (Technical Certificate) 

Culinary Arts Management Operations (Technical Certificate)

Customer Service Management (Technical Certificate) 

Customer Service Operations (Technical Certificate) 

Customer Service Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Cyber Security (Technical Certificate) 

Digital Broadcast Production (Technical Certificate) 

Digital Media Development (Technical Certificate)

Digital Media Production (Technical Certificate)

Digital Media Video Production (Technical Certificate)

Digital Media Web Production (Technical Certificate)

Digital Music Production (Technical Certificate)

Digital Video Editing and Post-Production (Technical Certificate) 

Digital Video Fundamentals (Technical Certificate)

Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) (Technical Certificate)

Engineering Technology Support Specialist (Technical Certificate) 

Entertainment – Stage Technology (Technical Certificate) 

Entrepreneurship - (Technical Certificate)

Field Survey Technician (Technical Certificate) 

Film Production Fundamentals (Technical Certificate) 

Fire Fighter - Emergency Medical Technician (Career Certificate)

Fire Fighter  - Minimum Standards (Career Certificate)

Fire Officer Supervisor (Technical Certificate)

Graphic Design Production (Technical Certificate) 

Graphic Design Support (Technical Certificate)

Health Care Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Homeland Security (Technical Certificate)

Homeland Security Law Enforcement Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Hospitality - Bar and Beverage Management (Technical Certificate)

Hospitality – Event Planning and Management (Technical Certificate) 

Hospitality – Guest Services Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Hospitality – Hotel Operations and Management (Technical Certificate) 

Restaurant and Foodservice Management (Technical Certificate) 

Hospitality Security Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Human Resources Management (Technical Certificate) 

Human Resources Operations (Technical Certificate) 

Human Resources Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Interactive Design Production (Technical Certificate) 

Interactive Design Support (Technical Certificate)

International Business Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Laser and Photonics Technician (Technical Certificate)

Lean Manufacturing (Technical Certificate)

Linux Enterprise Server Administration (Technical Certificate) 

Mechatronics (Technical Certificate)

Medical Information Coder/Biller (Technical Certificate) 

Medical Office Management (Technical Certificate) 

Medical Office Specialist (Technical Certificate) 

  • Medical Transcription Specialization
  • Medical Front Office Specialization

Medical Office Support (Technical Certificate)

Network Administration (Technical Certificate) 

Network Infrastructure (Technical Certificate) 

Network Support (Technical Certificate) 

Office Management (Technical Certificate) 

Office Specialist (Technical Certificate) 

Office Support (Technical Certificate)

Operations Support and Services (Technical Certificate)

Paramedic Technology (Technical Certificate) 

Pastry Chef's Apprentice (Technical Certificate)

Plant Science Professional (Technical Certificate) 

Plant Science Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Plant Science Technician (Technical Certificate) 

  • Horticulture Specialization
  • Landscape Specialization

Property Management Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Rapid Prototyping Specialist - 3-D Printing (Technical Certificate)

Real Estate Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Robotics Applications Technician (Technical Certificate)

Social Entrepreneurship Specialist (Technical Certificate)

Social Media Communication Support (Technical Certificate)

Webcast Technology (Technical Certificate) 

It is unlikely that a change in a program requirement will be made during the academic year; however, if any change should be made after the printing of this catalog, revised program requirements will be available in the online official catalog, academic departments, and Career Programs Advisors’ offices.

Each program will include reading, writing, oral communication and fundamental mathematical skills within specific courses of the program. Students will be required to meet a specified level of competence in reading and writing prior to enrolling in Freshman Composition I. A number of courses within programs provide opportunities for students to acquire basic competencies in the use of computers. Computer courses and computer laboratories are available to all students to acquire basic computer competencies.