2024-25 Catalog

Advanced Technical Certificates

The Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC), an extension of a specific Associates in Science, Associate in Applied Science, or higher degree program, consists of at least nine (9), but less than 45, credits of college-level course work. Students who have already received an eligible degree and are seeking a specialized program of study to supplement their degree may seek an Advanced Technical Certificate. Students will receive a certificate upon completion of the program. There is an additional fee of $15 for the program application for all Advanced Technical certificates except for Leadership in Healthcare.  This fee must be paid at the Business Office prior to submission of the program application.

Valencia has the following Advanced Technical Certificate which is an extension of our Associate degree programs:

Valencia has six Advanced Technical Certificates which lead to our Bachelor degree programs:

The A.S. degrees in Allied Health and Nursing programs lead to enrollment in various Advanced Technical Certificates and credits earned in the Advanced Technical Certificates can apply toward related bachelor’s degrees.  Look at the specific Advanced Technical Certificate program information to see the A.S. degrees that lead to that ATC and/or to which bachelor’s degree the ATC relates.

For academic policies related to these ATCs, please visit https://catalog.valenciacollege.edu/degrees/bachelorofscience/