2024-25 Catalog

Fire Science Technology Academy Track

Limited- Access

Graduates of this program will earn their A.S. Degree in Fire Science Technology, and will also be also be prepared for certification as an EMT, Fire Fighter I & II and Fire Safety Inspector I.

  • Associate in Science Degree - Fire Science Technology
  • EMT (Emergency Medical Technology) -Technical Certificate
  • Minimum Standards Training - Fire Fighter I and II - Career Certificate

Associate in Science Degree (CIP# 1743020112)

This program is designed for students who are seeking employment as fire fighters, emergency medical technicians, or fire inspectors or other fire and life safety services positions.

The Fire Science Academy Track is a cohort program; that is, students will complete the degree and certificates with the same group of students in every class (Exceptions may be allowed on an individual basis.) This program is designed to provide students with the education, training, skills, and abilities, for a successful fire and life safety service career. It will provide students with a strong educational foundation in fire science coupled with training and education in emergency medical services, firefighting and life safety compliance.

Graduates of this program will earn the Associate in Science- Fire Science Technology Degree. and will be eligible to test for certification as Firefighter I and II, as well as Fire Safety Inspector I, per the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training (BFST). Please refer to the following website for specific information about certification requirements: https://www.myfloridacfo.com/Division/SFM/BFST/Standards/default.htm

In addition, graduates will be eligible to test for state board certification as an EMT adhering to the standards and regulations established by the U.S. Department of Transportation, State of Florida Department of Health/Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, and the Committee on Accreditation of the Educational Programs for Emergency Medical Services Profession.

Note: In order to obtain certification for Firefighter from the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training, students must successfully pass the BFST administered written and practical tests for FFII.

General admission procedures for this program are found in the Admissions section of this catalog. The Fire Rescue Institute provides information about specific admission criteria.

Estimated program expenses are given in the financial section of this catalog.

Associate in Science Degree- Fire Science Technology

Note: The classroom sessions of the Fire Science Technology Degree will be delivered at the School of Public Safety, 8600 Valencia College Ln., Orlando, 32825.

(Please note the requirements for EMT training and Minimum Standards Training- Fire Fighter I and II below.)

EMT (Emergency Medical Technology)-Technical Certificate

For the EMT certificate a minimum grade of C is required in all courses to meet prerequisite and graduation requirements. All three courses must be completed with a “C” -75% or greater. Any student admitted to the Fire Science Academy program who fails or withdraws from any two EMS courses (can be the same course or two different courses) must petition the Health Sciences EMS Program Committee for re-evaluation and readmission. Students will be allowed to petition no more than one time.  If unsuccessful in any one of the three co-requisite components, the student will not receive a certificate and a letter of completion for the EMT program. Per State of Florida and Valencia College, EMT students must pass a cumulative class final exam (EMS 1119) and a Lab Final Trauma and Medical Practical Scenario Exam (EMS 1119L) with a minimum of 75% or better to successfully complete the EMT program. Any student that earns less than 75% on the Final Class Exam or the Lab Practical Final Scenario exams receive a final grade of “F”, regardless of previous class or lab average.

A grade of “D”, “F” or “W” in any EMT course will result in automatic dismissal from the program.

Note: The Emergency Medical Technician certificate will be offered at the West Campus of Valencia College, 1800 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando, FL 32811.

Minimum Standard Class (Firefighter I & II, MSC) Career Certificate

Students must achieve a minimum of 80% or greater average on all written evaluations and 70% or greater on all skill evaluations, at the end of the program, to successfully complete the MSC Program.  Students that are receiving benefits from the Veterans Administration shall maintain an average of 80% or better for the tests taken for any one-subject test.  If not, the student will be dropped from the course when academic progress is not shown and the Veterans Administration will be notified.

Note: The Fire Fighter I and II program will be offered at the School of Public Safety and at the Fire Training Facility located at John Young Parkway and Oak Ridge Road, Orlando, FL 32809.

The Fire Science Academy program at Valencia College is a Limited – Access Program. Admission to Valencia College does not imply acceptance to the Fire Science Academy. Students must apply and complete phases of the selection process before being accepted to the program.

Admission Requirements

  • Be a high school graduate or equivalent or in the process of graduating when applying
  • Cannot have a dishonorable discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States, if the candidate is a veteran
  • Be a nonuser of tobacco or tobacco products for at least 1 year immediately preceding application for Fire Fighter II, as evidenced by the sworn affidavit of the applicant.
  • Attend a mandatory informational session- Phase 1
  • Complete and submit PERT, ACT or SAT results- test taken with the last two years- Phase 1
  • Complete and submit a questionnaire- Phase 1.
  • Submit a high school transcript or GED- Phase 2
  • Attend an oral interview - Phase 3
  • Complete a physical examination and drug screening conducted by a physician, surgeon, physician’s assistant, or an advanced registered nurse practitioner (includes drug testing)- Phase 4
  • Provide proof of health insurance- Phase 4
  • Complete a criminal background check (fingerprinting) – Phase 4
    • be 18 years of age before starting EMT or Minimum Standards

Selection Phases

Phase 1

Candidates must:

  • Be a high school graduate or equivalent or in the process of graduating when applying
  • Cannot have a dishonorable discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States, if the candidate is a veteran
  • Attend a mandatory informational session at the School of Public Safety

                   -  attendance will be taken

  • Complete a Valencia College application-fee required
  • Complete a Fire Rescue Institute application-fee paid in Phase 3

                    -  fee will cover criminal background check (fingerprinting)

                    -  candidate will be notified when and where to complete fingerprinting

  • Complete a the provided application 
  • Be a nonuser of tobacco or tobacco products for at least one year immediately preceding application,

                        as evidenced by the signed affidavit of the applicant.

                            - affidavit will be notarized by the Fire Rescue Institute

  • Submit the following

                           - Valencia College application

                           - Fire Rescue Institute application

                           - PERT, ACT or SAT results taken within the last two years

                           - the completed questionnaire (with signed affidavit)

High school or GED transcripts can be unofficial for phase 1; an official high school transcript must be submitted if candidate proceeds to phase 3

             - ALL documentation must be submitted by a specific date to the Fire Rescue Institute

Note: The first 200 candidates who complete the process will be considered. The cutoff point for applications will be limited to 200.  Selection process will be a compilation of scoring phases 1 through 3 as listed below.

Candidates for Phase 1 will be graded based on the following:

  • All steps in phase I have been completed and are acceptable
  • The results from the PERT
  • A graded score based on the rubric used for the questionnaire
  • A graded score based on the rubric used for high school or GED transcript

Phase 2

From phase 1, 30 candidates will be selected.

The candidate must:

  • Attend and be prepared for an oral interview at the Fire Rescue Institute

Candidates for Phase 3 will be graded on the following:

·         graded score from the oral interview

·         cumulative scores from phases 1 and 2

Based on the criteria above, 25 candidates will be tentatively selected to attend the Fire Science Academy.

Phase 3

Candidates must:

  • Pay Fire Rescue Institute application fee
  • Complete a criminal background check (fingerprinting)
  • Provide proof of health insurance
  • Complete a physical examination and drug screening conducted by a physician, surgeon, physician’s assistant or an advanced registered nurse practitioner (costs required)
  • Complete a Fit for Fire practical screening assessment
  • Submit their official high school or GED transcript
  • Be fitted for and obtained two sets of uniforms one week prior to the start of the fall semester
  • Pay tuition to attend college courses for the fall semester

If the candidate is successful in completing Phases 1 through 3, then the candidate will be selected to attend the Fire Science Academy.

Note: Criminal background checks (fingerprinting), drug testing, physical examinations and sworn affidavits for non-use of tobacco products are required for the EMT program and for the Minimum Standards- Fire Fighter I and II program per Florida statute.

Alternative Ways to Earn Credit

The Fire Science Academy is a cohort program of 25 students. Students with previous EMT training (College credits or Certification) and Fire Fighter training or certification will not be eligible for the program. There will be a limit for previous college credit earned.

Start Right

The Fire Science Academy require students to complete the Fire Science Technology Associate Degree initially. The cohort of students will have a specific schedule of courses to complete, therefore there are no electives in the Fire Science Technology degree for the Fire Science Academy students.

All students will take the same courses and classes each semester, provided college credit has not been awarded per individual assessment.

Potential Careers

  • Fire Fighter
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Fire Inspector
  • Fire Instructor
  • Fire Officer
  • Life Safety Compliance

Salary & Earnings Information

For career information related to this program, please visit O*Net OnLine.


Fire Rescue Institute

Your Career Program Advisor contact information can be found in Atlas. Log into Atlas, click on the Courses tab, and check your Academic Profile information to find a link to your Advisor. 

For Information Sessions, visit: https://valenciacollege.edu/locations/school-of-public-safety/fire-rescue-institute/

Fire Science Technology, Academy Track

Program Outcomes

  • Communicate effectively in the fire protection environment
  • Apply fire prevention codes, regulations, standards, and practices
  • Identify fire science and fire technology principles, concepts and practices and their application to public and life safety
  • Integrate command, management, leadership and safety principles for emergency and non-emergency situations
  • Recognize how the built environment affects fire and life safety
  • Examine educational and training principles and ideologies for public and life safety disciplines.
  • Perform entry-level skills as described by the scope of practice for EMT.
  • Perform effective communication in the pre-hospital healthcare environment.
  • Structure a safe environment for patients in the pre-hospital setting.
  • Practice professional behaviors in the pre-hospital healthcare setting.
  • Execute safe clinical decision making in the pre-hospital environment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of fire department organization, procedures and responsibilities 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of personal protective equipment
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ventilation practices
  • Demonstrate the proper use of ropes, tools and equipment 
  • Demonstrate proper use of fire hose, nozzles and appliances 

 Year 1, Fall Full Term

Total Credit Hours15

Year 1, Spring Full Term

Total Credit Hours15

Year 2, Fall Full Term

FFP 1302
Total Credit Hours12

Year 2, Spring Full Term

Total Credit Hours12

 Year 2, Summer 11 Weeks


 This course must be completed with a grade of C or better


 This course has a prerequisite; check description in Valencia catalog


 This is a General Education course


 Denotes a Gordon Rule course


1 Students must successfully complete Firefighter I (FFP 0010) and Firefighter II (FFP 0020) to meet the graduation requirements for this program. Upon successful completion of these classes, students will be awarded three credits for FFP 1040, Industrial Firefighting. See minimum standards training-firefighter one and two program completion requirements

2 This course is required for Florida BFST Fire Safety Inspector I certification

3 This course is required for Florida BFS T Fire Officer I certification

4 This course is required for EMT certification. See EMT (Emergency Medical Technology-technical certificate program completion and other requirements.)

5  Expand your career opportunities with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Organizational Leadership (BASBOL) from Valencia. This degree builds on your skills and prepares you for a supervisory or management role within your respective field. For more information, go to Bachelor's Degree in Business & Organizational Leadership.  Students who wish to continue their education should consult with a Career Program Advisor to determine the best education plan for their career goals.