2024-25 Catalog

Estimated Expenses for A.A. Degree Pathway: Dance Performance

Students in the A.A. Degree Pathway: Dance Performance degree will incur the following costs in addition to the Valencia Application for Admission fee, audition fee, fees paid per credit hour, special fees, books, meals, transportation to the campus/locations, performance venues and internship facilities. These expenses are subject to change without notice.

Uniform and costumes for techniques classes and performances (leotards, tights, skirt, shoes, Valencia Dance Theatre uniform, and other dance clothes as necessary) $400.00
In-district travel (per full term) $200.00
Out-of-district travel (i.e., hotel, transportation, food) (per academic year) $1000.00
Miscellaneous supplies and materials (i.e., tee shirts, make-up, etc.) $400.00
Student professional/club dues $35.00
Total *$2035.00*