2024-25 Catalog

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Degree

EMS students will incur the following costs in addition to the Valencia Application for Admission fee, fees paid per credit hour, special fees, books, meals, and transportation to the campus and clinical facilities. These expenses are subject to change without notice:

Health Sciences program application fee (per application) $15.00
Uniforms, shoes and accessories $300.00
Physical exam $200.00
Immunizations $400.00
Fingerprinting $50.00
AHA Basic Life Support Certification $40.00
Background Check, Drug Testing and Immunization Tracker from Third Party Vendor $108.00
FISDAP $90.00
Total *$1203.00*

Note: To be certified, the graduate must successfully complete the following:

EMT State Certification or National Registry Examination $105.00
Paramedic State Certification or National Registry Examination $85.00
Total *$190.00*