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Taking classes with Valencia Online

Valencia provides students the opportunity to take college-credit courses through several methods of instructional delivery including: online, hybrid/mixed-mode and Web-enhanced learning. Such courses are equivalent to on-campus sections of the same course in terms of objectives, competencies, content, credit and transferability.

Students participating in course work through Valencia Online may use all on-campus services as well as the Web-based services through the Valencia Web site and Atlas, including the LifeMap Tools for career and education planning. Through Atlas, Valencia provides each enrolled student with an official e-mail account, which should be checked every day. For more information, visit atlas.valenciacollege.edu.

Students enrolled in online courses should carefully read instructions from faculty and in course syllabi for additional instructions on communicating throughout the course. Students enrolled in online courses will have a separate class e-mail in Blackboard. This email should be checked frequently to stay on top of course communications and assignments.

Online, hybrid/mixed-mode, and some Web-enhanced/facilitated courses are delivered in a primarily text-based  environment;  therefore,  reasonably  good  reading  and  writing  skills  are critical  to adequate  course  participation.  Additionally,  research  has shown  that students  who  are highly self-directed  and  manage  their  time  well  are  more  likely  to  succeed  using  these  delivery methods.  Online courses can be time intensive.  Varying keyboard skill rates can impact the amount of time students spend completing course work online. It is recommended that students carefully evaluate their readiness and abilities in these areas before selecting distance learning courses. Resources to assist students in determining readiness for online courses may be found at http://valenciacollege.edu/oit/learning-technology-services/student-resources

Due to state and federal regulations, Valencia requires all students registered in an online course to provide an active and valid mailing address in the State of Florida. If you do not have an active and valid mailing address in Florida (not a post office box), you will be deleted from the online course in which you are enrolled. You do not need to be a Florida resident for tuition purposes to register for online courses, but the active mailing address in your Valencia student record must be in the State of Florida.