2023-24 Catalog

Educational Enhancement Opportunities

In addition to our courses, there are a variety of educational enhancement opportunities available to enrich your learning and broaden your experiences while at Valencia College. You can get detailed information about the opportunities using the section links from the navigation menu.

Independent Study

Valencia College offers Independent Study (IS) in various courses to allow you to progress at your own rate. IS helps you meet course requirements through student/faculty interaction in a non-classroom situation. IS arrangements are dependent on the availability of a professor and upon the approval of the respective Academic Dean. Regardless of the date of enrollment in an IS course, you will receive a grade at the end of the Fall, Spring or Summer Full Term in which you register for the course. The conditions of the Withdrawal and Forgiveness rules apply to Independent Study courses. (See Course Attempts & Course Withdrawal.)

If you wish to take an IS course, you will have to make arrangements with a professor and the appropriate

Academic Dean. Application forms are available in the office of the department responsible for the course. A non-refundable fee of $25 per credit hour is charged in addition to regular fees for each IS course in which you enroll. If you receive financial aid or third-party funding, you should verify that your financial aid or third-party funding will cover the fees associated with Independent Study.

International Student Services

Valencia College is authorized under federal law to issue I-20 form which is one of the documents necessary to request an F-1 student visa at an American embassy. Valencia College boasts an international student population from more than 100 nations. International students may earn their degree by taking courses at any of Valencia College's campuses located throughout Central Florida. Prospective international students can learn more and apply to Valencia College at https://international.valenciacollege.edu/.

Additional Educational Opportunities

Flex Start Scheduling

Flex Start scheduling offers students the opportunity to register for classes that begin and end at times other than the official beginning and ending dates of the Fall, Spring, and Summer Full Terms. Through Flex Start, courses are taught in five, six, eight and ten week periods. Generally, courses are offered 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Sunday, and may be taught on campus and online.

Intensive Foreign Language Classes

Students who want to fulfill the foreign language requirement for an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree in one term may do so by enrolling in intensive language classes. The eight credits that ordinarily are taken over two terms are taught in one Full Term and cover the material from the 1120 and 1121 level courses in that language.

This option reduces the number of terms it takes to complete the foreign language requirement and creates more of an “immersion course setting” which aids most students in language acquisition.

International/Intercultural Education

Since the founding of the college in 1967, Central Florida has grown from a state and regional vacation spot to a dynamic hub for international business, industry, entertainment and education. Valencia offers courses, programs, and activities to international and U.S. students that respond to the needs of a global economy and a diverse community in order to enrich each campus culture and enhance learning opportunities with different perspectives and life experiences.

Student Abroad and Global Experiences (SAGE)

The SAGE Office offers a variety of international learning experiences that will help students live, work and collaborate effectively in a global community. Students can participate in faculty-led, short-term study abroad programs which are for credit and offered during spring and summer semesters. Students can also elect to enroll in semester or year-long study abroad programs through accredited partner programs. Financial aid may be used for both course tuition and all program fees related to the program. Students can also gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a global citizen through a wide range of year-round at-home and virtual global programs. For details visit https://valenciacollege.edu/students/study-abroad/

Military Active Duty Members, Reservists and Veterans

You may benefit from Valencia’s special efforts to aid service members in securing a postsecondary education. Aside from stated and traditional means of obtaining credit toward most associate degrees, the following special policies, procedures and services are available to you as active-duty military personnel:

  1. You may earn certain credits by satisfactory completion of Advanced Placement examinations. (See Advanced Placement.)
  2. You may earn a maximum of 15 semester credits through extension and/or correspondence courses.
  3. Credit can be earned through validated military service training including military service schools: Army/American Council on Educational Registry Transcript System (AARTS), Defense Language Institute (DLI), Sailor/Marine/Ace Registry Transcript System (SMARTS), and United States Armed Forces Institute (USAFI).

In recognition of the advanced academic and technical content of many military education experiences, Valencia will grant credit for military education that has been evaluated and recommended as suitable for postsecondary credit. After enrolling at Valencia, you may initiate the request for such credit by providing appropriate documentation to any campus Answer Center. Recommendations in the American Council on Education (ACE) Guide are advisory in nature and are not binding upon the College.